+ What locations are covered by the app?

We currently cover the entire state of Tasmania but will soon be in Melbourne and moving across the mainland. Our aim is to be Australia wide!

At the top of the app are our featured venues or festivals. They each have custom designed video banners. When a major festival comes up, all of their concerts, parties, exhibitions and anything else can be found by tapping on that banner. So far featured events have included The Unconformity, Taste of Tasmania, Junction and others. Featured venues include Wrest Point Casino in Hobart, the Country Club Launceston, and the University of Tasmania.

+ Is listing my event expensive?

No! We created this app to make finding events easier and advertising events cheaper. We have set prices for individual events but also tailored plans based on your event or venue needs! Just contact us for a chat on (03) 6334 2464.

+ How do you keep it so affordable?

We wanted the app to be the most affordable form of event advertising you can get. To do this, we keep the app brimming with events and new clients, while boosting the app through our own marketing campaigns. So not only is it affordable for what we offer, it's also constantly improving, with an ever building audience.

+ What do I get with my listing?

When you list an event on What's On In, we go beyond acting like a public notices board. Our app tracks views and impressions, so when your listing is over we can provide you with information on how many people were reached by your listing. Your listing can include info like your website, direct ticket links, coupons, trailers and more.

+ Can you reach out to users about my event?

We can indeed. For an additional fee we are able to send push notifications out to the user base informing them of your event. We also send out regular emails to our subscribers with new events in the app

+ What makes your app different to other event promoters?

In short: investment and commitment. We're a paid platform with a dedicated full time media, sales and promotion them, backed by a team of developers that are improving the app every week. We have invested thousands of man-hours to this app, not just with dedicated teams developing the backend and selling listings, but also with a film and animation team creating content for the app and the people in it.

+ Who are the guys I keep seeing in 'What's On In' jackets filming stuff?

They are our film crew from 'What's On In LIVE'. You may have seen some of their videos coming up online! They create highlight reels, promo videos, and other cool video content for social media.

+ Can I get them to film my event?

Absolutely! They'll love it. Just give us a call on (03) 6334 2464 and ask for the LIVE team. Tell us about your event, what you're looking for, and we can give you a quote and chat about your idea.

+ Is there always something on?

Yes! We just made finding it easier.

+ Why do you use posters?

Posters are what we are used to seeing on the streets and at the venues. We've combined what users are used to seeing in real life, to what they can see digitally. It makes for an easier, and honestly much cooler, app experience.

+ I don't have a poster...

That's fine! We have an in-house design team that can build one for you!

+ If my event is in the app, will I be losing my own fans?

No! The purpose of the app and our team is to help and work WITH you. The app stores all the information needed and redirects users who want more information to your site and ticketing websites.

+ How do I get the stats on my listing?

By dropping us a line! As soon as you want them, we'll compile them into a easy-to-read PDF and email it back to you within 48 hours.

+ Do you have any special deals/offers?

We do indeed. Get in touch! The more events you list the lower the costs become. We also have special arrangements for non-for-profits and charities.