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To get ahead on social media, you need video. That's where we come in. Welcome to What's On In LIVE! We'll create high quality video content for your social networks!


Here's what happens

  • Our crew and equipment will arrive at your festival or event, and capture footage of EVERYTHING.
  • Then they head back for the edit. REMEMBER: After your event, your audience will be excited for only a short time.
  • SO, we'll have a completed video for you within 3 working days!
  • Post the video straight to your social media for maximum audience engagement and interaction!

Video is your most successful online asset

Using professional video increases a company's reach DRAMATICALLY:

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meet the guys

What's On In Live is the dedicated production arm of our app. We're quick, and we enjoy what we do. We love telling stories and work hard to capture events without missing a beat!
Filmmaking is our hobby and not just our job.  In our spare time some of us have won filmmaking awards (Getty Images 2016, Aputure 2015 & more) and screened short films at film festivals (Canberra International Film Fest, Nottingham International Micro Film Fest & more) around the world. 

Cameras, editing, we love it all!

Nick - The Smart Cookie

Nick - The Smart Cookie

Stephan - The Walking Wikipedia

Stephan - The Walking Wikipedia

Peter - The Pro Skater

Peter - The Pro Skater


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