BOFA 2016 | 3 Movies We Want To See

The Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air film festival is just around the corner, and if you haven't yet, check it out in the app. This is Tasmania's major annual event for film lovers! There are films from all over the world and of all different genres. Every feature film opens with a short film (many from local Tassie filmmakers) and a lot of them end with intriguing talks and Q&A sessions with filmmakers and experts. There are 37 movies being shown this year so there's lots of choice. The What's On In team are all eager to get to some screenings and we've polled the office to see the 3 films that top the list. So if you're stuck on which movies to attend, here are some ideas!

And remember, we currently have a competition to win movie tickets to BOFA films of your choice! Check our Facebook page for more details

1. Life Animated
10am, 12 November

A documentary about an autistic man and his journey as helped by Disney's animated films. It looks beautiful and heartwarming, combining original animation with documentary and is already being considered a front runner for the next documentary Oscar.

2. National Bird
4:25pm, 12 November

A fairly intense documentary detailing information normally hidden from us. It follows 3 whistleblowers as they reveal some of what goes on behind the controls, and shows that unlike the messages we hear about their efficiency, drones do reap heavy civilian casualties.

3. Sour Grapes
2:30pm, 13 November

A film that sounds so unbelievable it has to be true. 37 year old Rudy Kurniawan earned a reputation as a respected wine connoisseur, vintage expert and member of the high society. It was all a con, and involved more than $20 million of counterfeit vintages sold to some of the world's richest collectors. This doco follows the story of the man and the discovery of his fraud.


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