What’s On In App: The Detail is in the Data

Accurately measuring the impact of every dollar spend on advertising has always been challenging, as the famous quote goes, “half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half.” Digital marketing, especially using social media, has been equally difficult to nail down, mainly due to the often long tail of customers seeing and interacting with a post or a brand, and the lag between conversion. Performance is often tracked through site visits, page hits and unique visitors, as well as likes, shares, comments and clicks, but this engagement is one measure, and actual sales another, hence the continuing ambiguity.

We know that it is essential to be active in digital channels, but it is often difficult to allocate budget to the task when looking to calculate a return on investment when designing a digital strategy. How much should go to which channel? Is there a place for traditional media in the mix? Regardless of how you are estimating value, you want it to stay as simple as possible. Ultimately, there are four things you are trying to understand in measuring the impact of your digital spend through your digital strategy:

·      How much the strategy will cost to deliver;

·      How much will profit will result from the strategy;

·      How can the results be repeated;

·      Who is reacting and responding to the strategy, when and why.


In the past, it was a case of just basing your marketing strategy off of what 'just feels right'. These days, however, gathering, tracking and measuring ROI data is essential. Successful small business owners know the importance of using this data for making decisions and justifying budget requests.

The What’s On In App was designed to work hard for both you and your customers. Consumers are looking for simplicity and speed when using technology. With the competition for attention in the app market these days, unless the app is intuitive, simple, timely and (we think) fun, then it will fail to get traction.

Information leading to action has to be undertaken with the minimum of clicks, which is why all the action in the What’s On In App is inside the app, keeping the user to a short chain of keystrokes to get what they want, when they need to, and be able to share with their friends instantly. When it comes to events, it’s critical to be able to get the gang together and keep everyone up to date in real time so no one suffers from FOMO.

But back to the ROI for your digital spend. What’s On In App has the advantage of being a digital channel designed specifically for people looking for something to do in a certain area. When you list your event with us, you know that your audience are here to take an action – and your advertising isn’t competing with a bunch of random ads in a sidebar or pictures of cats and babies being cute.

Digital means measurable, and because of the data collected by the app, we can give you regular detailed intelligence on who is responding to your listing including number of app users, number of likes, views, check ins and coupon redemptions, so you have access to the data that matters. You need to know how your audience behaves – and we want to help you to know where both halves of your advertising spend go. Download, check it out, and if you want to start listing your events, sign on, we’re here to support you 24/7 http://portal.whatsonin.com.au/?signup

Polly McGeeComment