Why Would I List My Event on Your App? (Said No One Who's Seen It Ever!)

Wanna know a little more about this What’s On In App you’ve been seeing so much about? What's On in is a platform driven app that creates one single place where people go to find an event. Seems like a no brainer that someone would have done this already – that’s what we thought until we were unable to find what was on anywhere we went.

So being smart, innovative Tasmanians, we set about building the app we wanted to use, and made it super simple for awesome events promoters, venues, small businesses and performers to get found when they have an event on.

 This is how it works: your listing is a poster, customers view information about what your event is, triggered by tapping the poster. On the poster is all the info they need upfront, including the price, and if you choose to offer a discount coupon. The information view makes it easy for users to understand where it is, what it is, and then action the information using a variety of tools.

Listing an Event? Too easy, you’re a busy person, no need for a complex set of tools and a graphic designer in your pocket, you can do it right from the app. It takes minutes to upload a listing, and you can upload the poster from Dropbox, Onedrive or the Camera Roll.

Activate and deactivate events on the fly right from the in-app admin; we've made it dead-easy for you to maximise your exposure and know that the people looking at the app aren’t tyre kickers, they are folks looking for what on in your area.

Sign-up is a simple 3 step process, where you choose your plan or choice and check-out; there are 1, 3, 6 and 12 month plans to choose from depending on how often you run events, and a 'Pro' tier if you need unlimited access and prioritised sorting.

All invoices are emailed to you, and re-billing occurs automatically. We love our not for profit and social enterprise friends too, and acknowledge that often you are doing a lot with little, so there are packages for your business model too.

Simplicity is key: what's on in maximizes your advertising dollar by directly targeting an audience who are looking for something to do. And now, they can find it – and your business. Wanna sign up and see? No problem, that’s simple too http://portal.whatsonin.com.au/?signup

Polly McGeeComment