Real Apps Give You Data!

It’s been a fascinating experience over the last few months talking with a swag of Tasmanian business owners, operators and managers about What’s On In App, how it can benefit their business and why they should invest their hard earned dollars in our marketing solution. There is nothing better for a startup than being out on the hustings and having potential customers ask a lot of complex and insightful questions into your value proposition. It really helps us get a deeper understanding of your needs as a business, and happily validates the gap in the market that drove us to create the app in the first place.

Often the first thing we get hit with is how are we different to Facebook ads and events – do we have a billion users (clicks reaction button with smiley face emoji rolling eyes!). One of the surprising revelations that have come out of these conversations is how little many people really know about the conversion rate of the money they spend on Facebook advertising. Social media and Facebook in particular has been great for reaching an audience already prequalified by liking your brand or being friends of your friends. But the algorithm that sits behind the advertising which determines who really sees your ad – and how much you pay for isn’t as transparent as many people think.

A lot of factors affect the cost of your ads on Facebook - the audience you choose and how they react to you, for example, is a factor that weighs heavily on the cost of your Facebook Ads. It can also vary significantly as you target niches and subniches of your audience in different campaigns. Unfortunately for businesses, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the “how much does Facebook Ads cost” question; it can change with shocking frequency.

And here’s the thing: Facebook Ads is a popular place, and you aren’t handing over a stack of cash and getting an ad. You are entering a bid. Plenty of other advertisers are trying to get that same ad space in a users’ Newsfeed, too, and Facebook limits the number of ads each user sees. See where the chaos happens? To a certain extent, the audience you’re targeting isn’t something you can necessarily control.  The amount you’re paying for your audience (which won’t be obvious or stated anywhere) will vary even amongst your own campaigns, as your exact audience for different types of ads is likely to change. Your custom audience will include different members than an audience who isn’t yet connected to you, and vice versa.

Happily, What’s On In App is blissfully simple to explain (and to use), as our value proposition is really straightforward. We’ve created a place where the only people visiting are looking for what you are selling – something to do in a specific area. It’s a focused promotions platform where you can complete all the actions including purchase in app – and not get sidetracked by clickbait. In the What’s On In App you pay a fee per poster, and can sign up for a variety of plans based on your needs.

Have a couple of events a year – you can pay per use. Have live music 7 nights a week? Then you would need an annual plan. Like most plans, they get cheaper the more you use them. But we don’t just take your money and leave you wondering. The What’s On In App has a powerhouse back end that can show you EXACTLY what the ROI is. We can tell you who liked your poster, who clicked through, who shared, who purchased a ticket, who checked in, and all the relevant demographics. Because it’s digital, it’s measurable. And not only that, we help you get maximum penetration with campaign support through our own social media campaigns and push notifications – all to real people who HAVE SIGNED UP BECAUSE THEY WANT TO GO TO EVENTS. That was worth reinforcing right?!

You wont get the vagueness of epic numbers of ‘impressions’ with us that have no actual relevance of who paid for a ticket and walked through your door.  You’ll get hard data that can help you to create successful campaigns everytime. And you will be supporting an awesome Tasmanian startup company (why yes, we pay taxes onshore!). There’s always something on. We just made finding it (and measuring its impact) easier.

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