There's Always Something On Campaign

Our new advertising campaign for the app is up and running. You may have seen it. We've tried something different by using double exposures to create cool eye catching graphics. The colours are bright and positive and the videos are fast paced.

Have a look at some of the promo vids below, and check Facebook for other cool stuff.

Why the new formats? The app is bigger this year, and a number of major festivals are coming into it. Plus we have so many competitions and giveaways, we want more people to get at them. Downloading and using the app is a super simple process and the rewards are huge.

This campaign is intended to capture that feeling. The variety of events and the excitement of going to them. Enjoy!

Our Facebook ad. Notice the cool, driving beat? We loved it.

Our Hobart themed version of the ad. It has different music...

A preview of some of the nifty Facebook/Insta square videos

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