8 things that will probably cross your mind between now and NYE!

1.     The first idea you think of doing for New Years is always the best, but doesn’t actually happen.

Let’s be honest, the first extravagant NYE party idea is always the best. Round up the troops in a group message and you’re an overseas trip and hitting ‘Interested’ on NYE event in the country on Facebook. To which you only realise, you are poor and having been scrounging leftovers for dinner for the past few weeks.

2.     You will consider having a house party.

Then you remember the never-to-be mentioned incident of 2008 and plans divert back to zero.

3.     Your friends will suggest a wine and cheese night at home.

You’re not a proper grown up, don’t even kid.

4.     A cynical NYE scrooge shoots down all your ideas.

We all have that one friend that never wants to do anything but then complains when they aren’t doing anything - Damn you!

5.     Someone will suggest renting a house on the East Coast.

Oh that’s right, every single possible accommodation option in Tasmania is booked out. No last minute Sally’s allowed here!

6.     New Year anxiety sets in.

Not only do I have unnecessary society pressure to set unrealistic goals for myself as soon as January 1 ticks over, but now... I will be alone NYE - Awesome!

7.     Someone will suggest going to an official fireworks event.

HA! Good one!

8.     You’ll end up planning nothing and things will fall into place.

The moment you admit defeat, which is normally around 4pm NYE. You will end up having a great night. Don't they say, unplanned nights are always the best nights... No, not always. If you’re concerned you’re going to left behind this NYE  – Check out What’s On In App - There is always something on!


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