Final SEABL Round: Hobart Chargers Vs Thunder & Tornadoes

After the last two SEABL Rounds on the road, the Hobart Chargers are playing a home game for the last round of this year's SEABL before the finals start! Things are looking good for the Chargers at the back end of the season, with both men's and women's teams winning all of their Round 14 games.

The final round this year is going to be a massive Tassie showdown, with the Chargers men's team playing the North West Thunder and the women's team playing against their rivals the Launceston Tornadoes. We saw the same matchups in Round 2, where the Chargers managed to win both games.

The league has evolved since then however, and every team has had a lot more practice and more time to build chemistry on court. Results from the 2018 SEABL so far have shown that just about anything can happen, but we'll be barracking for the Chargers on Friday night!

Here's our Game Night Supercut from Round 2 against the Thunder and Torns.



The Chargers lads managed to claim a convincing victory against the Thunder earlier in the season, ending 24 points ahead at the final buzzer. There's no guarantee that things will go the same way this time around. The Thunder are a Top 8 team, and they're certainly no pushovers. Their ability to bring powerful offence is undeniably stronger now than it was in Round 2.

At the same time, the Chargers' on-court team dynamics and improved defence are much stronger than what they used to be. The league has changed and the teams have changed, and it's difficult to predict how this game will turn out.

If the Chargers can outperform the Thunder like they did in Round 2, there's a strong chance they will make their way back to second place on the Ladder. We're hoping the momentum from 6 consecutive wins will give the Chargers the energy they need to bring their best game possible to their home court this Friday.


Women's Game

The Chargers ladies have found themselves in a tough position for the last Round of the league. They are sitting in 9th place - just one rung on the ladder away from securing a spot in this year's finals. There's a lot of pressure to bring a massive win this Round, and they're set to face their rivals who also happen to be a Top 4 team.

We have said it many times before, but it bears repeating - at the top of their game, the Chargers women's team have what it takes to beat any other team in the league - and they have been on top of their game recently. They're sitting on three consecutive wins, and we've strong performances from every player that has stepped on the court in the last few weeks.

While the Round 2 game against the Torns was a close one, we can't see any reason why the Chargers won't be able to walk away with the big win they need to make it into the finals.