SEABL Round 12: Hobart Chargers Vs Dandenong Rangers

Back home from their away games in our country's capital, the Hobart Chargers are playing a home game against the Dandenong Rangers at the DEC! It was a crazy time in Canberra for the Chargers, with both men's and women's teams winning one game and losing another.

Every game of the SEABL this year has been tough. Many argue that the level of competition this year is the highest that it's ever been. The Chargers men's team lost to the Rangers in the finals last year, but we don't see things going the same way in Friday's game.

Here's our Game Night Supercut from the finals game last year.



The line-up for the Chargers is very different this year. While last year's big names were Whitehead, Garlepp, Heyer and Thomas, this year they are Moller, Nichols and White. Club veterans Mathiang Muo and Tiri Masunda are still set to play, but in the wake of Mathiang's issues with injuries this year we've seen Masunda bring a bigger and better game than ever before.

There are currently Chargers lads lining the season stats leaderboards, with Tre Nichols number 1 for Total and Average Points and Craig Moller number 1 for Average Rebounds to name a few. Dandenong doesn't feature quite so prominently on the leaderboards, and are sitting 7th on the Ladder while Hobart is in 4th.

On paper this game goes to Hobart, but we've seen plenty of upset matches in the SEABL this year. If the Chargers hold a strong defence and play as a team, we know the offensive opportunities they need will fall into place and they'll walk away victorious - and vindicated from last year's loss.


Women's Game

Playing against a top 4 team when you're 11th on the Ladder will always present a mental challenge. It has been said before and is worth repeating though: The 2018 Chargers women's team has the potential to beat any team in the league when they are playing at the top of their game.

Dandenong's 2018 team have a strong defensive presence and a frighteningly impressive level of teamwork up their sleeves. Unlike many teams in the league, they don't rely on strong offence alone, and it's no accident they are a top 4 team.

We have no doubt that the Chargers can overcome the strong opposition they face. At peak performance, the offensive and defensive potential of the team is incredible, and if the full team roster is present and uninjured, we'd be surprised if Dandenong can leave the DEC with a win.