Jay Jarome at The Duke Hobart

The super cool, immensely talented, positively-influenced Jay Jarome is a regular performer at The Duke Hotel in Hobart.

Jay is a music student hailing from the mainland state of Queensland, brought down to the fair state of Tasmania courtesy of the APRA Singer-Songwriter Scholarship. He's landed a regular spot performing at The Duke and we are massive fans of his work.


There's no denying the high cool-factor of Jay Jarome's stage presence. His unflinchingly confident performances are backed by his undeniable musical ability.


There's a reason Jay won the aforementioned APRA scholarship; an immense level of talent. He's a long way from his hometown, but we're glad his talent and passion brought him to our island state.


Jay's self-named influences include Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Earth Wind and Fire, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and countless others. Aside from the big names that guide his soulful sound, we think the community at The Duke is great at fostering the growth of honest performers who forge real interactions with the power of music.