An App with All the Events.

There are hundreds of ways to promote events.

Every other dollar you spend on advertising an event is targeting everyone, and wasting resources on non-customers. WhatsOnIn is exclusively for people looking for something to do, and every dollar spent is the right place.

With What's On In, you're reaching the right people.

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Listing an Event? Do it right from the app. It takes minutes to upload a listing, and you can upload the poster from Dropbox, Onedrive or the Camera Roll. Activate, deactivate events on the fly right from the in-app admin; we've made it dead-easy.


Signup & Billing

Sign-up us a simple 3 step process, where you choose your plan or choice and check-out; there are Gig Guide, Not for Profit, Festival Mode and 1 month plans to choose from; you can find details about these options at the signup page. All invoices are emailed to you, and re-billing occurs automatically.

Simplicity is key: what's on in maximizes your advertising dollar by directly targeting an audience who are looking for something to do.

Discounts & Coupons

We built in coupons so you can track your investment through to a sale; every time a coupon is redeemed in your venue, we record a statistic.

Any event can have a coupon attached to it. It's easy to setup, simply add the terms and conditions in the portal, and it's setup and working in seconds.

For users, it's easy to redeem - simply show the server at the point of sale, and they tap redeem.

Video Trailers

Using just a URL, you can add a dynamic element to your poster listing. Using any URL, you can provide users of the app with another way to understand and discover your event.

Video is one of the most powerful ways to communicate an idea, a concept: with What's On In, you can provide a dynamic edge to your promotion, and get the audience right in on the action.

Favourites & Reminders

Users can favourite any event to save it. When they do so, we automatically add it to their calendar so they can be reminded about the event.

What's On In is an inexpensive event promotion platform that meaningful and helpfully engages the audience, towards driving greater attendance, greater sales.

RSVP & Check-in

On the day of the event, the 'Check-In' button activates; users are encouraged hit the button when they arrive at the venue, so we know they came via the app.

RSVPs enable your attendees to say they're attending the event; we collect all the email addresses that have RSVPed, so you can download them later and import into a campaign.


An attractive What's On In sticker on your door contains a QR code that will take passing visitors to your 'I'm a Fan' feed in the app, offering coupons and information.

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Social Content

We'll provide customised social artwork directing users to the app. Coupons, events and posts can be shared straight to social media from the app.

Push Notifications
& Campaign Support

When listing an event, you can purchase push notifications, and notify all users of the app that you've just submitted your poster and encourage them to sign-up.

Better, all the users who have like one of your posters are recorded in the admin tool, meaning you can connect with them and connect in all your upcoming campaigns.

Statistics & Data

Because it's digital, it's measurable. We collect number of app users, number of likes, views, check-ins and coupon redemptions, so you have access to all the data that matters.

We even email you periodically, so you can understand your investment and gain insights into how your audience behaves.

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Check the numbers

Have a look at the growing figures from the app. Every month brings us more users, every month brings us more events.

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We're Here to Help

We offer 24-7 support via email, and weekday support via phone, to helpout if you get stuck. Want to discuss organising a larger involvement, or co-promotion? get in-touch, we're always willing to listen.


We’re creating a place where the only people visiting are those interested in doing something.

This is a focused promotion platform offering unique value to the audience & clarity of purpose.

We know you’re time poor, so we built a listing admin right into the consumer app, and all it takes to login is a QR code. Listing an event or attraction takes less than three minutes, and is pushed immediately from the device to the cloud, where it becomes instantly available to every user. Using the effective buying power of multiple venues, we unlock greater buying power for TV, radio, online & social, with the exclusive focus being on creating user growth.

Instead of each venue buying ads to service disparate promotions, we unify the energy and promote one digital location for accessing that information.

The value of What’s On In is defined by direct targeting of an engaged audience, & a strategy of constant reinvestment in promotion, towards ever-increasing exposure and a clear &
verifiable return on investment.